OWNERS OF LARGE  tracts of land that are lying idle risk losing such holdings upon the expiry of their lease in a change of policy that seeks to free up parcels concentrated in the hands of a few individuals and corporations for productive use.

Land Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi says a set of laws is being prepared to stop the automatic renewal or extension of lease terms for land that is being held for speculative purposes.

He said the approval of extension or renewal of lease for large-scale land owners will be based on the benefits to the economy and the country as a whole, and the national development goals.

The CS said the Department of Land was preparing guidelines to be implemented in line with the rules and regulations that will guide the implementation of the new land laws.

Prof Kaimenyi did not, however, indicate the size of land that will be considered “large” or what will constitute productivity in the targeted properties.

Land Principal Secretary Nicholas Muraguri said that the law currently considers any holding of 10 acres or more as large and qualifying for scrutiny